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Providing extra protection and strength to back teeth with minimal preparation required, inlays and onlays are bespoke dental restorations designed to blend in with your natural teeth.

Slightly larger than a filling, inlays and onlays are an excellent method of preserving natural teeth weakened by decay.

An inlay is cemented within the four cusps of a molar or back tooth, whilst an onlay is fitted to overlap the cusps of a tooth. These restorations are made from metal, ceramic or porcelain. The latter two materials are often the most popular as they are designed to look natural and are tooth-coloured.

These restorations are made specifically for your affected tooth by our laboratory. Advantages include:

  • Allow your dentist to preserve as much of your natural tooth as possible
  • Minimal preparation required to the natural tooth
  • Reduce sensitivity or discomfort associated with tooth decay
  • Excellent way to protect teeth that have been worn down due to clenching or grinding
  • Can be used to replace old amalgam fillings

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