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Our dentists are highly trained and have years of experience behind them, so we are proud to be able to offer our patients advanced dental treatments to deal with even the most complex of cases.

There are many issues that can impact dental health and occasionally such problems require advanced treatments or procedures to restore your teeth and gums to optimal health.

At The Dental & Cosmetic Clinic we offer advanced dental care in the form of ENDODONTICS, PERIODONTICS and PROSTHODONTICS. Trust in us to look after your every dental need, from routine check-ups to advanced care.

ENDODONTIC treatment is concerned with the internal structures of the tooth and is required when the root or nerve of a tooth becomes infected. The most common endodontic therapy we provide is root canal treatment, however our dentists are also able to offer patients additional treatments such as:

  • Apicectomies: a minor procedure which is required if an infection persists following root canal treatment. Performed under local anaesthetic or with sedation (if required), the root of the affected tooth is removed and the infection is cleared away.
  • Hemisections: a delicate procedure which involves intricate treatment of a tooth’s root where bone loss or decay has compromised the health of the root.

PERIODONTIC treatment is required when gum disease has progressed and impacts upon the jaw bone, resulting in the loosening of teeth or tooth loss. We provide various treatments for advanced gum disease including perioflow, soft tissue grafts and periodontal surgery.

PROSTHODONTICS treatment is required after a patient experiences tooth loss or damage. It is a form of treatment concerned with restoring the appearance and function of your teeth. At The Dental & Cosmetic Clinic, we offer a range of prosthodontic treatments such as dental crowns, bridges, dentures and cosmetic dentistry. We are also a leading provider of dental implants in the area and our team have advanced training and qualifications in implantology.

ORAL SURGERY refers to any treatment of the hard or soft tissue in the mouth and we offer a number of such procedures to ensure your dental journey is as smooth as possible. Our experienced dentists can perform complex tooth extractions in the practice, as well as bone grafts and sinus lift procedures.

Advantages of our advanced dental treatments include:

  • Receive all your dental care in one place, by dentists who know you and understand your needs
  • We continually invest in state-of-the-art dental technology to care for your oral health needs
  • If required, we can offer sedation to ensure you are completely comfortable during treatment
  • We use The Wand to administer local anaesthetic – a pain-free solution to traditional injections

We will do all we can to restore your mouth back to full health. Each patient’s needs are unique and we will put together a comprehensive treatment plan to get your teeth and gums healthy again.

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