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White fillings are an attractive, subtle dental restoration, that protect and strengthen teeth that have been weakened by decay.

Unfortunately, poor oral hygiene can lead to tooth decay which can cause small holes to form in the dental enamel. These holes (or cavities) can cause discomfort or sensitivity and need to be filled to prevent further problems.

While our dentists and hygienists will do all they can to prevent dental decay by removing plaque build-up from the teeth, sometimes treatment in the form of a filling is necessary to avoid further damage.

We offer fillings in a range of materials; however the most popular filling choices are tooth-coloured or white. These blend in with your surrounding teeth and, unlike metallic fillings, are completely undetectable. For lost fillings, get an emergency appointment.

Additional benefits of white fillings include:

  • An invisible treatment – no one needs to know you have had a filling as it is created to match your natural tooth colouring
  • Effective way to treat tooth decay with minimal preparation required to the natural tooth
  • Hard-wearing and strong so you can bite and chew with confidence
  • A white filling can be built by our laboratory specifically for your tooth
  • A composite white filling can be moulded and shaped directly onto an affected tooth
  • No mercury or unsightly grey discolouration of your tooth

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