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What is Bruxism?

This is the grinding and clenching of teeth by abnormal activity (parafunction), carried out most commonly during deep sleep in times of stress.

Bruxism affects over 80% of the population at some stage in their life, and can be debilitating for many sufferers. However, despite being prevalent throughout the UK and worryingly on the rise, bruxism often remains overlooked and underdiagnosed. Whilst, for some, bruxing doesn’t cause any serious symptoms, for many – the habitual bruxers – the side effects are painful and persistent, and include headaches, migraines on waking, and more.

How can Bruxism be treated?

For habitual bruxers, an occlusal splint may be the only viable treatment option. There are a number of splints and mouth guards available, including soft bite raising appliances, nightguards, and the Sleep Clench Inhibitor (SCi®) splint.

The SCi® is an FDA approved treatment for tempromandibular dysfunction (TMJD), bruxism, and medically diagnosed migraines. With excellent clinical results, the SCi® is proven to relieve patient symptoms.

How does the SCi® work?

Tension-type headache patients without signs or symptoms of TMJD clench their jaws during sleep, on average, 14 times more intensely than asymptomatic patients. Moreover, it has been shown that Temporalis muscle contraction is twice as intense during sleep than in waking patients.

The SCi® reduces parafunctional intensity of the muscles that move your jaw, eliminating posterior and canine contact, thereby reducing clenching.

What are the indications for SCi®?

All cases requiring a disconnection of the bite and/or the relaxation of the masticatory musculature, such as:

  • the prevention of symptoms associated with bruxism
  • the treatment of certain types of TMJD
  • the prevention of occlusal trauma, e.g. protection of restorations and implants in cases of severe bruxism
  • the prevention and treatment of chronic tension type headache and migraine pain

What are the advantages of the SCi®?

  • Excellent clinical results to protect your teeth from wear and breakages
  • Extremely simple and fast chairside procedure to fit
  • Excellent patient acceptance and compliance when worn 7-8 hours a night
  • High diagnostic value of symptoms
  • Scientifically proven efficacy in reducing muscle tension, TMJD and bruxism
  • Long lasting appliance for 3-4 years without adjustments

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