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A bright smile, fresh breath and sparkling teeth all after just one visit – the perfect solution for a healthy mouth.

Airflow Tooth Polishing is an advanced cleaning system that removes staining and improves gum health. It is kinder to the teeth than traditional cleaning methods as there is no direct contact with the dental enamel and no need for uncomfortable scaling and scraping.

This technique uses a combination of fine powder particles, compressed air and water to remove plaque and bacteria from the teeth.

At The Dental & Cosmetic Clinic we have invested in the full Airflow unit which is attached to a water tank. This tank heats the water to room temperature – enhancing the comfort of the entire cleaning experience and reducing sensitivity.

Guided Biofilm Therapy

We use the Airflow system to provide Guided Biofilm Therapy – an advanced cleaning method that helps to identify and eradicate bacteria from the teeth. Dental biofilm is a sticky, clear bacterial film that sits on a tooth’s surface. Regular cleaning cannot always remove this coating from the teeth and if left, it can become yellow or brown in colour.

With this unique cleaning therapy, we apply a special dye to the teeth to identify the areas of biofilm build-up. These areas are then thoroughly cleansed using the Airflow system, leaving your mouth fresher and healthier.

Airflow Tooth Polishing is one of the most effective cleaning systems available and offers a variety of benefits:

  • Removes stains caused by smoking, coffee, wine and certain medications
  • At least three times faster than traditional cleaning methods
  • Comfortable and quick, as there is no direct contact with the teeth
  • No discomfort for patients with sensitive teeth
  • Improves gum health by cleaning deep into the gum line
  • Enhances general dental health by removing plaque build-up from the dental surface and hard to reach areas
  • Guided Biofilm Therapy targets problems areas and removes bacterial build-up

Our dentists and hygienists at The Dental & Cosmetic Clinicare proud to offer you this exciting dental technology.

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