Smile with confidence with dental implants in Leicester

Have you lost one or more of your teeth? If you have, then eating your favourite foods is probably more difficult now. You may also be feeling self-conscious about your smile. At Ralston Dental and Cosmetic Clinic in Leicester, we want to help you feel proud of your smile and enable you to live life normally again. You may have thought about getting dentures but decided that they are not for you.Advances in modern dentistry mean that there is another option you can consider: dental implants.

dental-implants-in-leicesterWhat are dental implants?

Many of our patients have been delighted with dental implants in Leicester. These are small metal screws that are placed directly into the jawbone during a minor operation. Bone and tiny blood vessels mesh around the implants, keeping them safely in place. When they have stabilised, crowns, bridges and dentures can be securely fixed onto them. This means that you can bite and chew as normal and have confidence in your appearance again.

A long-term solution

When you lose your natural teeth, the bones and tissues of the jaw start to degenerate. This is because they are no longer stimulated by the action of chewing. This can lead to neighboring teeth becoming unstable, moving or even falling out. Unlike dentures, dental implants act as tooth roots, which helps maintain the health of the jaw. Our patients with dental implants in Leicester have found that, with correct care, implants can last for several decades.

Live life to the full

Your ability to smile confidently and eat whatever you want should be second nature. If tooth loss has taken this away from you, consider how dental implants could help. Combined with replacement teeth, they provide a natural-looking, secure solution to missing teeth. They will also help maintain the health of your mouth. You will no longer be restricted to a diet of soft food, which will improve your overall well being due to improved nutrition. On top of all of these benefits, imagine being able to smile again without worrying about how you look.

To find out how we can help you with dental implants in Leicester, get in touch with our experienced team today.