Let us fill you in

At Ralston Dental and Cosmetic Clinic, Leicester, dental implants are our forte. We believe they are the perfect solution to missing teeth. We pride ourselves on our skills in cosmetic dentistry. All of our cosmetic dentists are trained to high levels to give each of our clients the peace of mind they deserve at our practice.

dental-implantsOur primary cosmetic dentist, Dr Duncan Ralston has over 32 years’ experience in orthodontics. He has been running Ralston Dental and Cosmetic Clinic for over 28 years. He studied around the world to bring his acquired knowledge and expertise back to his own practice. His chosen field is implant dentistry and he completed the prestigious diploma for implant dentistry in 2010.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant essentially replaces any missing teeth with a titanium screw, providing a sturdy, strong foundation for one or replacement teeth or crowns.

It is placed directly into the jaw bone and allowed time to fuse directly to the bone, providing a seamless join between your jaw bone and the screw. At Ralston Dental and Cosmetic Clinic, Leicester dental implants are performed by our highly trained cosmetic dentist, to ensure a professional process to your cosmetic dentistry.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

There is a huge array of benefits to dental implants in Leicester. Firstly, they are the next best thing to our natural teeth, with a fit and function with direct correlation to healthy teeth. Some other options can lead to weakening of the bone, as well as trouble with eating and speaking.

Another benefit is the sheer lifespan a dental implant can provide. With proper care and attention from our cosmetic dentist, they can last you a lifetime. This is exceptional when compared to the traditional methods of tooth-supported dental bridges, only having an expectancy of between 5-10 years.

Dental implants also allow you to keep your teeth in your mouth, not in a jar by your bedside table at night. They are fused directly to the bone, so there is no fear of slippage. You can floss and brush without fear of clicking or shifting the tooth.