How to get Instagram-worthy teeth with dental implants in Leicester

Instagram, Facebook, and other social media have affected our everyday lives profoundly and have made us more self-conscious about our looks. As a result, peer pressure and contemporary standards of beauty and fashion can put anybody under scrutiny in regard to their appearance. People can feel that they have a constant need to admire and be admired and while it is not always easy to alter our natural image, cosmetic dentistry can do wonders for our smile.

dental-implants-in-LeicesterIf you have lost one or more teeth you do not need to worry. Dr Duncan Ralston, an award-winning cosmetic and implant dentist, has been using dental implants in Leicester to restore missing teeth for the last 15 years with impressive results.

Why should I choose dental implants?

Dental implants have been used to replace missing teeth since the mid-1960s and have gone a long way to become a ground-breaking solution in the realm of tooth-replacement options and cosmetic dentistry. Choosing dental implants over other treatments might seem a difficult decision, but ultimately the benefits of dental implants are abundant. Firstly, dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that feels, fits, and functions as proper teeth. This is because they are attached properly to the natural jaw bone and blend with the rest of your teeth. Dental implants do not require support from adjacent teeth like bridges and are steady and permanent as opposed to dentures. They allow you to bite naturally, enjoy your favourite food and restore your self-confidence in social situations. Dental implants in Leicester have a success rate of 95 to 98% and if you take good care of your teeth, it is likely that they will last a lifetime.

Duncan’s Philosophy

Dr Duncan Ralston’s experience and involvement with patients in the Ralston Dental and Cosmetic Clinic in Leicester have proven that dental implants offer a permanent solution to tooth loss. As a matter of fact, he believes so much in this dental treatment, that he would gladly apply it to himself if needed. And that’s the secret of his success. If you want to restore your beautiful smile with dental implants in Leicester the Ralston Dental and Cosmetic Clinic should be your next stop.