Great smiles created with dental implants in Leicester

Enjoying yourself is so important, especially if you have a busy work or home life as so many of us do. Eating out, meeting people, laughing with friends or maybe even meeting that special someone ensures we live life to the fullest. However, enjoying all the opportunities we are given can be affected if we don’t have confidence in the way we look, especially if it’s our smile. In a study conducted by Andrew Newberg, (the eminent neuroscientist and researcher), he revealed that out of all non-verbal communication, a smile produces the highest level of positive reaction than any other. A smile is that important!

dental-implants-LeicesterSo what do you do if your smile isn’t up to scratch?

Luckily cosmetic dentistry has come on leaps and bounds, and finding the right cosmetic dentist for you is very important. Cosmetic dentists offer a range of procedures that can fix smile problems. They can transform yellow teeth into pearly whites with teeth whitening treatments or replace missing, broken or decaying teeth with dental implants.

Finding dental implants in Leicester couldn’t be easier than with Ralston Dental and Cosmetic Clinic. Having trained at the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons, Duncan Ralston, owner and head dental surgeon, ensures your dental implants are inserted with care and expertise. He has over 30 years of experience which informs his use of techniques to provide the very best in patient choice and care. He took over the family run practice, which is established in more traditional oral hygiene dentistry and created the cosmetic clinic offering a wider range of solutions for anyone in need of an enhanced smile in Leicester.

Dental implants are a fantastic treatment to solve the issue of missing teeth. The implants are screwed into your natural jaw line, then crowned, bridged or dentures are fitted to give you a completely natural-looking and natural-feeling tooth. It ensures that whether you’re eating, laughing or flirting – or if you’re lucky, all three – you can do so with absolute confidence. You don’t have to worry about your smile in Leicester, dental implant technology is readily available for you with Duncan Ralston and his team.