Get back your firm jawline with dental implants in Leicester

The trouble with losing your teeth, even just one, is that over time, it can  make your jaw and mouth seem much older. But this can be rectified and take years of the age of your face, with the use of dental implants in Leicester.

Dental implants are more than just an aesthetic enhancement being offered by your cosmetic dentist, however.

dental-implantsImplants are artificial tooth roots, which are fixed into the jawbone.

Dental implant treatment at Ralston Dental and Cosmetic Clinic always begins with a thorough consultation with Duncan Ralston, who has been practising dentistry in South Leicester for 28 years. This consultation is to discuss patient needs and concerns. And you can rest assured that any recommendations that Duncan makes are options that he himself would choose if he was in his patient’s situation.

Dr Ralston employs a three-stage procedure to put in dental implants in Leicester. The first stage is to cut into the jawbone and drilla socket for the new implant, which is then put in place. If the patient is anxious about this dental surgery, they can receive oral or intravenous sedation instead of a local anaesthetic.

This is the first stage of the Leicester dental implant process. Then follows a period of healing, which can take several weeks to several months.During this second stage, the titanium dental implants become as one with the jaw’s bone tissue and blood vessels in a process known as osseointegration. As this process takes place, the implant is covered by a cap to protect its interior thread from being clogged with food.

When the dental implants are as firm as a natural tooth root within the jaw, the patient can receive the third stage of the treatment.

This final part of the dental implants in Leicester treatment is the fixing on the artificial teeth. These are made specifically to blend with their natural teeth. Patients can receive single or multiple artificial teeth, and even entire sets of teeth for both upper and lower jaws.

Leicester dental implants behave like natural teeth. Patients can chew and crunch on whatever food they like again, perhaps for the first time in decades, and clean their teeth as normal.