Dental implants: an introduction

Dental implants are the only permanent replacement option for patients with missing teeth. At Ralston Dental and Cosmetic Clinic in Leicester, our skilled implant dentist Duncan can use implants to replace one, some, or even all of your natural teeth, restoring not just your confidence in your smile but also your ability to eat a full, healthy, balanced diet, which is important to maintaining good nutrition.

How dental implants work

dental implantsDental implants differ from other tooth replacement options because they are placed in direct contact with your jaw bone. This requires minor oral surgery, which dentist Duncan carries out here at our Leicester clinic under local anaesthetic (delivered via our Wand pain-free injection system) or sedation – the choice is yours.

Natural teeth comprise crowns and roots, and dental implants are the only way for a dentist to replace the root portions of your teeth. After they have been placed in your jaw bone they are left to heal for a couple of months, during which time they will integrate with the bone. Implants are made from titanium, which in addition to being highly compatible with the human body is also osteoconductive, meaning that your implants will support and encourage bone growth.

Bone shrinkage or resorbtion is a very common side-effect of having missing teeth. This is one reason that patients who wear traditional dentures often find their false teeth become increasingly loose over time, making eating difficult and even falling out at unfortunate moments. Resorbtion of the jaw bone also leads to a sagging, sunken and prematurely-aged appearance to the face. Dental implants are an effective way of preventing these problems.

Our implant dentist in Leicester can use implants to stabilise your dentures, meaning they will never again become loose.

Whether you opt for crowns, a bridge, or dentures, our Leicester implant dentist can give you back your smile and your quality of life.