Benefits of dental implants

Here at the Ralston Dental and Cosmetic Clinic in Leicester, we know how important it is to have a smile you feel confident in, as well as good oral health. That’s why we offer dental implants.

In addition to restoring your teeth and providing you with a healthy, natural-looking smile, dental implants in Leicester also have several health benefits.

dental-implants-in-LeicesterThey come in the form of titanium screws that provide the artificial root of your teeth. The screws are compatible with your jawbone, which means that not only will your body accept them, but they will also stimulate the bone, keeping it healthy and preventing further bone loss, which can be a problem if gaps are left where teeth are supposed to be.

The procedure for inserting dental implants in Leicester, is relatively short and simple, as well as virtually pain free, thanks to local anesthetic. Dental implants are not invasive and will not affect the surrounding teeth the way dental bridges can do. They will feel at home in your mouth as if they were your own natural teeth.

Dental implants in Leicester are secured into the bone, making the prosthesis attached to them very stable and comfortable. So much so, that you will barely notice they aren’t your natural teeth.

Dental implants can be used to secure dentures. This can remove the possibility of the negative side-effects associated with dentures. This can include gum inflammation, impaired speaking or chewing, or the general embarrassment some patients can feel wearing dentures.

If you care for your new teeth and maintain a good dental hygiene routine every day, dental implants will prove to be a long-lasting replacement for lost or damaged teeth.

Dr Ralston

Dr Duncan Ralston is our primary dentist for fitting dental implants in Leicester.  He has been practicing in South Leicester for 28 years. In 2010 Dr Ralston successfully completed the prestigious two-year Diploma in Implant Dentistry at the Royal College of Surgeons London. He is also an active member of the Association of Dental Implantology and a Member of the British Dental association.

Dr Ralston’s philosophy on his own dental work is to “measure twice, cut once”. His grandfather was a pattern maker and he took his rule and applies it to all of his dental work. It is an invaluable part of his success.