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At the Ralston Dental and Cosmetic Clinic in Leicester, we don't just take care of your dental health and appearance we take responsibility for it! Founded on the basis of giving every patient the time and personal attention they deserve, lead dentist Duncan Ralston has evolved his Fathers family clinic into a dependable and established centre for cosmetic and implant dentistry.

As a trusted cosmetic dentistry clinic in Leicester, Duncan uses the very latest technology backed up by nearly 30 years of clinical experience to provide life changing dental solutions.He holds a dedicated qualification in implantology, (the branch of dentistry dealing with the permanent implantation of dental implants in the jaw) from the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons and is fully trained in the innovative six months smiles teeth straightening program from America.

Our dental clinic is committed to providing you innovative and life changing treatments; all done with the highest care possible in a calming environment. Learn more about our cosmetic dentistry and

dental implants in Leicester.

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Excellence in Customer Service

Our experienced and caring team pride ourselves on providing outstanding levels of customer care.
We are committed to deliver the high level of service we would expect ourselves.
We love to hear from our patients and welcome all feedback!
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The Latest in Technology

What the point of knowing about it, but don't have it?
If it's any good we've got it and use it!
Hate the needle? We've got the WAND. A pain free computer controlled anaesthetic delivery system.
Yes.....it really is that good!
Digital x-rays - 90% less radiation. Immediate results on the screen in 3 seconds, no waiting.
Cerec – Same day white crowns and inlays. Uses "Cad Cam" technology. No impressions, your new teeth are ready to fit in about an hour.
Isolite – No more drowning at the dentist! Makes dental procedures safer & more comfortable.
Fibre optic lighting on the dentist drill – Lets us see better for quicker and more reliable results.
Florida Probe - A clever computer that measures and monitors your gum health. Helps us get rid of those bleeding gums and nasty breath.
Magnificent magnification – Teeth that are made to look two & half times bigger are a whole lot easier to fix!